The Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Research Center (GMBRC) was created as a companion site to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (GMBDW). While the GMBDW monitors the the daily activities of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, the GMBRC will provide the information needed to understand the larger context of those activities. Accordingly, GMBRC pages provide an overall history and explanation of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, investigative research reports prepared by the GMBRC Director, additional research and analysis in the form of recommended readings, and other relevant information.

The Director

The GMBRC is directed by Steven Merley, an investigator and intelligence specialist who since 1992 has specialized in the investigation of political extremism, beginning with the investigation of hate crimes and rightwing extremist groups in the United States. Since September 11, 2001, Mr. Merley has been collecting and analyzing intelligence on the Muslim Brotherhood in throughout the world. His work as an Investigative Researcher with the Wall Street Journal was used in a series of five articles on the European Muslim Brotherhood which appeared in the Journal during 2004. Mr. Merley is a former Senior Analyst with the NEFA Foundation, an anti-terrorist think tank, and is currently a Chief Analyst for Kronos Advisory, founded by Major Gen James E. Livingston, USMC (Ret), a recipient of America’s highest military honor, the Medal of Honor. Other clients for his work have included NGOs, US think-tanks, and documentary filmmakers and he has authored numerous investigative reports on the Global Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Merley has given presentations at Harvard and at McGill University in Canada and spoken at events sponsored by the US State Department, the Hudson Institute and privately for Congressional staffers and US government counter-terrorism specialists. He has also spoken twice at the European Parliament and in June 2013 presented a seminar at the British Parliament. His presentation at the British Parliament was the subject of a UK magazine article written by the renowned British journalist John Ware. Since 2007, Mr. Merley has been the editor of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, an intelligence digest that is widely read by US government agencies as well as by other governments and users worldwide.